Foods to Avoid When Losing Weight

When looking to lose weight, your choice of the foods to eat will determine how effective your weight loss measure will be. Some foods can hinder your weight loss efforts or even result in weight gain instead of weight loss. It is in your best interest to avoid any food that would stand between you and your goal to shed excess weight. Here are a few examples of foods to avoid when you want to lose weight.

Potato Chips and French Fries

Potato chips and French fries are among the most popular snacks and fast foods. They do contain some healthy nutrients but are not suitable for weight loss. That is because they have high numbers of calories. They are also quite addictive, meaning you are likely to eat a lot more than you should. The calories from the potatoes can be converted into fats if not spent, resulting in weight gain.


Pastries include wheat-based foods such as cakes and cookies. Such are usually very unhealthy as they contain unhealthy ingredients such as refined flour and sugar. Some pastries may also contain artificial trans-fats, known to be harmful to the body. Pastries are also usually digested quite fast. That means that you will feel hungry only a short while after eating, making you consume even more calories during the day.

Ice Cream

Ice cream is usually quite delicious but also unhealthy. Most types of ice cream typically contain high amounts of sugar, meaning extra calories intake. Given how delicious ice cream is, you are also likely to consume a large amount per sitting. However, if you have to satisfy your ice cream cravings, consider making it at home. That allows you to control the ingredients and ensure that only healthy ingredients are used.