If I Get a Medical Marijuana Card in NY – What Can I Buy

New York City is shockingly behind the times with regard to recreational marijuana. Sure, small amounts are decriminalized, and you can catch that sweet, skunky scent on any city block, at any given time, but we’re still trailing Massachusetts, California, Colorado, and a smattering of other locales in terms of cut-and-dried legality.

Still, most folks here are perfectly capable of getting their hands on weed via true medical necessity, a little help from a friendly physician, or good old fashioned street retail. The rules of taking in NYC are still murky, but times are changing and we’re finally poised to remove our finger from the carb of progress and inhale the sweet, pungent air of change.

How Illegal Is It to Smoke One Little Joint in the Park?

As of last September, you’re unlikely to get hauled into jail for smoking weed in public. But think twice before lighting up if you have an open warrant, you’ve been convicted of a violent crime, if your smoking menaces the public, or even if you aren’t carrying ID — all of which could get you a free ride to the nearest precinct. In most other cases, the worst you’ll face is a ticket and a fine of up to $100 on your first offense. The ticket requires you to go to court, so it’s still a pain, but it won’t end up your record because it’s considered a violation rather than a crime.

Selling marijuana, on the other hand, is riskier. Possession with intent to sell (meaning you’re caught with weed packaged in more than one bag as though for distribution, or you’ve got apparent sales paraphernalia like a digital scale) can earn you a year behind bars and a $1,000 fine. That same penalty applies to anyone caught growing any amount of marijuana.

Still Sounds Risky. How Do I Get Medical Marijuana

Medical marijuana became legal in NYC in 2016, and dispensaries have popped up all over the city in the intervening years. But they don’t exactly jump out at you. Since smoking marijuana in NYC is still illegal, even for medical patients, most dispensaries specialize in tinctures, vapes, and pills. Buying actual bud (cool people call it “flower” now) is a no-go.

De Blasio has long cited alcohol and tobacco addiction in his family as the basis for his legalization hesitation (although studies have shown that marijuana is less habit-forming than booze or cigarettes). But he pivoted in December, laying out a plan to permit recreational weed in NYC, with caveats: one would have to be 21 years of age to partake, and smoking in public places would be prohibited. The plan also recommended establishing cannabis business zones, establishing product safety standards, and expunging low-level marijuana convictions.

How Do I Buy Recreational Weed in NYC?

Street corner weed dealers still exist. A certain park named after a certain early American president and a certain avenue where people go to buy fake purses is rumored to have such independent pot peddlers. Because the marijuana market is so saturated, your chances of scoring decent product from someone you don’t know are as good as ever, but not great. Word of mouth is always the best way to find a new hook up. If you’re new in town and don’t know anyone yet, there are some alternatives.

Online communities are often the best bet for somebody with absolutely no connections. The internet is rife with forums, chats, and subreddits about marijuana. A few honest posts and comments on a marijuana forum is one way to meet new people in your area who might be able to point you in the right direction. However, don’t go asking for a connection right away because that’s a great way to make everyone think you’re a cop. And be smart: if you do arrange to meet with another weed enthusiast, do it in a safe, public place.

Most recreational weed smokers in NYC have a delivery service they discovered through word of mouth. Many operations use social media and messaging apps like WhatsApp, Snapchat and other self-destructing means of communication. Etiquette typically dictates that you propose a “hang out” with your would be weed purveyor. Then, your new pal will arrive with a small metal suitcase packed with different varieties. The product often comes in jars or small baggies and feature colorful labels that often describe the scent, taste, and effects of the product.

Expect to see strains like Sour Diesel (invigorating) Girl Scout Cookies (relaxing) Headband (euphoria-inducing) Super Lemon Haze (energizing) and Gorilla Glue (super relaxing). Recently, dealer packaging has begun including text indicating that it’s compliant with the recreational legalization laws of other states, meaning that a lot of the product making its way into the NYC weed pipeline is just store-bought bud from Colorado or California.

If you’ve called a weed pro over, you should be prepared to purchase a $50-60 eighth of an ounce. Sending a dealer away without buying anything is considered poor form and could get you banned.…

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Beat the Heat by Learning How to Make Iced Coffee at Home

What is one of your favorite coffee drinks during the summer? Iced coffee is one of the most popular drinks during the summer, but having to ride down to the coffee shop can be irritating, especially when it is hot outside.

Learning how to make iced coffee at home can go a long way to allowing you to enjoy this refreshing and energy giving beverage any time that you want. With the many different types of coffee that are offered by Keurig, you are sure to find a different one for each of your coffee moods and tastes.

Keurig makes brewing a single cup of coffee simple. You only have to put in one of the easy to use k-cups and press the brew button to have your coffee ready to put on ice. You can even put ice in your cup in the brewer to help you to have even more instant gratification. No matter what kind of coffee that you like, you will find it in the k-cup selection to allow you to have coffee just as good as your local barista makes.

Whether you are taking care of just your coffee addiction or you are looking to have a coffee system to help keep friends and family happy, Keurig will meet your needs and wants.
How to make iced coffee at home cannot be simpler or more convenient. Your Keurig brewing system will be your key to making any coffee drink that you want, from hot to iced and everything in between.

Convenience will be yours as well with this system, simply because you will be able to enjoy your coffee in just seconds, rather than standing in line for several minutes to get just one cup of coffee. Just combine coffee that you brew and a few ice cubes and you will be on your way to having that drink that you have been craving.

Iced coffee makes an excellent choice for those caffeine fiends during the summer months. Whether you like it with cream or without, you will find that the taste of the coffee brewed at home will far exceed your expectations. By knowing how to make iced coffee at home, you will add convenience and time to your life, as well as saving yourself some money.

Try some of your own hand brewed iced coffee today. Keurig makes it simple and easy for you.

Note: Keurig has received many high-ratings and applause.

Until next time keep your coffee hot!…

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The Rise of Third Wave Coffee

For much of its history in America, coffee was abused. Robusta beans were endlessly circulated in coffee percolators, enhancing the already staggering bitterness of the coffee. The beverage is consistently seen as a way to become alert while on the go, rather than a beverage to enjoy. This abuse gave rise to the view of coffee as a simple, boring beverage that you need to douse with sugar to mask negative qualities.

Now, finally, some people are fighting back. They refute the notion that all coffee is the same and that it is the additives that matter. They think Starbucks burns their beans and then overbrews the coffee. They are the people who produce third wave coffee, and they are changing how the coffee shop is viewed forever.

The guiding principle to the third wave coffee movement is that coffee is an artisan ingredient. Much like chocolate or wine, the quality, type and origin of the coffee matters, and in a good cup of coffee you can taste these features.

There are only a few third wave coffee shops. The three that are usually referred to are Intelligentsia Coffee and Tea, Stumptown Coffee Roasters and Counter Culture coffee. All three run coffee shops and usually roast their own beans. They also source their coffee directly from the source, trying to find the very best quality coffee beans from any given reigon.

For those coffee shops too small to set up their own supply chain, all three major third wave coffee companies also ship their product. Through this supply chain, many small regional shops have appeared that sell third wave coffee. Of course, you can also order third wave coffee in small batches for personal use.

The experience of drinking a well brewed cup of third wave coffee is like nothing you have tasted before. By treating every ingredient with the utmost care, the coffee produced has exquisite flavor that is hard to describe without sounding sappy. The best part is, because several links of the supply chain have been removed, purchasing good third wave coffee is not much more expensive than purchasing other premium coffees.

So if you are looking for an entirely new coffee drinking experience, consider some lightly roasted thrid wave coffee from one of the major distributors. Stumptown, Intelligentsia and Counter Culture all ship nationwide, so there really is no excuse to not giving it a try.

Until next time keep your coffee hot!…

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Pour Over Coffee Drip Brewing Guide

One of the most minimal, and yet best, ways to brew coffee is with a pour over brewer. Unlike most coffee makers, these things are as simple as it gets: a cone that holds the filter and coffee grounds and fits on top of your cup.The idea is simple: the cone goes over your cup. A filter goes in the cone. Coffee goes into the filter. Hot water is poured into the cone. Viola! Coffee. And yet, most people still manage to mess up the process. So, how do you make a proper cup of pour over coffee?

The first step to getting a good result with your pour over coffee brewer is to make sure that the water is at the right temperature. Your water should be between 190F and 205F. Don’t worry about breaking out the thermometer, if you use a kettle then its easy: the water at the top will be at the right temperature if you take the kettle off just as it starts boiling.


So make sure you have the rest of your equipment ready before you take the water off the stove.

The second thing to do is make sure that you have enough coffee. While the exact amounts are personal, a good place to start is at 1 tablespoon for every 4 ounces of coffee. I would not recommend going too far below this amount, as the coffee you get will be quite weak.

Pour the water into the filter. But don’t let the water slowly seep down to the cup; stir the slurry like crazy. Stir it so that all the coffee is suspended in the water. That way all the coffee is evenly brewed. Keep stirring until almost all the water has seeped through the filter and into your cup.

Your coffee is done. As long as you used the right proportions, good beans, had the right temperature water, and stirred the slurry, your cup of coffee should come out all right. You might be quite surprised at the quality of coffee that a cheap $4.00 piece of equipment can produce.

It will likely blow your automatic drip coffee maker out of the water, because the thermostats usually heat the water to too low of a temperature. Enjoy the coffee, and be glad that some things truly are simple.

Until next time keep your coffee hot!…

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The In’s and Out’s of How to Pick the Perfect Coffee Roast

Coffee has come a long way with the rising popularity of coffee shops all over the country. Baristas can create magical things using coffee and other ingredients that keep people coming back time and time again.

The different roasts often confuse people, especially when they are confronted with them to purchase for their own use, but if you think about what taste or tastes that you like, you will be able to choose the ones that will make you the happiest. What do you need to know about how to pick the perfect coffee roast?

Why do you drink coffee? Do you drink it for a caffeine boost or for the smooth, mild flavor or dark, full flavor? Asking yourself these questions can enable you to narrow down the choice even more. This will give you the starting point for choosing the roast or roasts that you like.

For a full, dark flavor you will want to choose a coffee that is dark roast. This is an intense flavor that many people crave in their coffee and the choice of dark roasts is many. The darker the roast, the stronger the flavor for you to enjoy.

A mild, smooth flavor will dictate a lighter roast of coffee. Medium roast will most likely be what you are looking for to give you that coffee taste without overwhelming your taste buds. A smooth cup of coffee can be yours if you choose the right roast of coffee. Stay away from the dark roast if you want this smooth taste to ensure that you get maximum satisfaction.

For a caffeine buzz you would think that you would get a dark roast, but in actuality, the medium roast coffee contains more caffeine. The longer that a bean is roasted, the lower the caffeine in it, so you want a coffee that has not been roasted for a long period of time. Knowing how to pick the perfect coffee roast for your caffeine boost will help you to face the day with a smile.

The right coffee roast can make the difference between a good cup of coffee and a so-so one. Learning how to pick the perfect coffee roast for your tastes and wants will allow you to get the coffee taste that you want and need. Brewing coffee at home doesn’t have to mean you are stuck with only one kind of coffee. By learning more about coffee roasts, you can choose the right one for you.

Until next time keep your coffee hot!…

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The Tricks to Learning How to Make Espresso at Home

How many times per week does the coffee shop become part of your day? If you are like most people, it fits in at least a few times a week, if not a few times per week.

Espresso is one of the most popular coffee drinks, not just for its deep, rich taste, but for its kick that it can offer to your energy level.

The good news is that you can learn how to make espresso at home to not only save you money, but to allow you to enjoy the taste at any time of the day or night. Your Keurig brewing system will be the key to you enjoying your espresso fix quickly and conveniently.

K-cups offer all different kinds of coffee, tea, and other hot drinks for you to enjoy in less than a minute. You only have to insert the cup into the system, click brew, and then in just a few seconds, you will be able to enjoy a steaming hot shot of espresso or another drink.

No more having to jump into the car and go down the street to get your caffeine fix. You will know how to make espresso at home to give you that fix as often as you want and need.

Keurig has made brewing your favourite drinks simple and easy with their simple to use brewing system. No more do you have to make several servings of coffee or espresso to be able to enjoy just one cup. You can make single cups of espresso to ensure that you are able to enjoy your drink hot and fresh each and every time.

Your Keurig brewing system will make it easy for you and the wide variety of drink choices will keep your taste buds excited and tantalized as well.

Saving money is one of the best things about the Keurig brewing system. You can buy a whole box of K-cups for the cost of just a few cups of your favourite coffee shop’s coffee, which means that you can have more than a dozen drinks for a very small price. This money saved will not only make drinking and making your espresso and other drinks more fun, but give your budget more room as well.

By learning how to make espresso at home with your Keurig, you will get to enjoy your espresso at any time of the day and save yourself money.

Until next time keep your coffee hot!…

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Why Is All The Coffee You Drink Roasted?

Have you ever wondered why all the coffee you drink is roasted? The whole idea seems a little odd, if you think about it. Why would you cook the beans, if you plan on boiling them anyways? But roasting is an important part of what makes coffee taste like coffee.

Much like food, coffee tastes different after cooking than it did before. The reason comes down to what are known as “maillard reactions.” Maillard reactions are when an an amino acid and a special type of sugar change the other.

When heat is added, the sugar and the amino acid combine together to create a wide variety of different compounds. If even more heat is provided, then these compounds can be brokend down into even more different, but simpler compounds. It are these compounds that are responsible for the smell and flavor of the food you eat as well as the coffee you drink.]

It is the breaking down of the compounds from more complex to simpler that gives each individual roast its flavor. Light roasts leave more of the complex compounds intact, while darker roasts almost completely destroy them and leave only simple molecules.

Because of this, lighter roasts like half city and full city carry the flavor of the soil they were grown in much more readily than darker roasts. The flavors are also usually more complex, the acidicy higher, and the mouth feel lighter. Most commercial roasters stop at half city(one of the lightest) while most specialty roasters go to half city(which trades some complexity for reduced acidity). Darker roasts are less complex, but are generally less acidic. Usually they are heavier in the mouth and have a strong, intense flavor.

Full roasts still contain a hint of their origin soil, but it is hard to identify behind the intensity of the coffee. French roasting completely destroys the taste of the origin soil and removes most of the complexity of the bean’s flavor. But what you get in exchange is an extremely strong flavor and a smoky-sweetness.

Each person has their own preferred roast level. If you have never tried experimenting with different levels of roasting, I would highly recommend it. It is getting to be more common that you can find a variety of roasts in places as common as your supermarket.

But if you want ultimate control over your roast, you will need to roast your own beans. But that is another post.

Until next time keep your coffee hot!




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