Beat the Heat by Learning How to Make Iced Coffee at Home

What is one of your favorite coffee drinks during the summer? Iced coffee is one of the most popular drinks during the summer, but having to ride down to the coffee shop can be irritating, especially when it is hot outside.

Learning how to make iced coffee at home can go a long way to allowing you to enjoy this refreshing and energy giving beverage any time that you want. With the many different types of coffee that are offered by Keurig, you are sure to find a different one for each of your coffee moods and tastes.

Keurig makes brewing a single cup of coffee simple. You only have to put in one of the easy to use k-cups and press the brew button to have your coffee ready to put on ice. You can even put ice in your cup in the brewer to help you to have even more instant gratification. No matter what kind of coffee that you like, you will find it in the k-cup selection to allow you to have coffee just as good as your local barista makes.

Whether you are taking care of just your coffee addiction or you are looking to have a coffee system to help keep friends and family happy, Keurig will meet your needs and wants.
How to make iced coffee at home cannot be simpler or more convenient. Your Keurig brewing system will be your key to making any coffee drink that you want, from hot to iced and everything in between.

Convenience will be yours as well with this system, simply because you will be able to enjoy your coffee in just seconds, rather than standing in line for several minutes to get just one cup of coffee. Just combine coffee that you brew and a few ice cubes and you will be on your way to having that drink that you have been craving.

Iced coffee makes an excellent choice for those caffeine fiends during the summer months. Whether you like it with cream or without, you will find that the taste of the coffee brewed at home will far exceed your expectations. By knowing how to make iced coffee at home, you will add convenience and time to your life, as well as saving yourself some money.

Try some of your own hand brewed iced coffee today. Keurig makes it simple and easy for you.

Note: Keurig has received many high-ratings and applause.

Until next time keep your coffee hot!…

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Pour Over Coffee Drip Brewing Guide

One of the most minimal, and yet best, ways to brew coffee is with a pour over brewer. Unlike most coffee makers, these things are as simple as it gets: a cone that holds the filter and coffee grounds and fits on top of your cup.The idea is simple: the cone goes over your cup. A filter goes in the cone. Coffee goes into the filter. Hot water is poured into the cone. Viola! Coffee. And yet, most people still manage to mess up the process. So, how do you make a proper cup of pour over coffee?

The first step to getting a good result with your pour over coffee brewer is to make sure that the water is at the right temperature. Your water should be between 190F and 205F. Don’t worry about breaking out the thermometer, if you use a kettle then its easy: the water at the top will be at the right temperature if you take the kettle off just as it starts boiling.


So make sure you have the rest of your equipment ready before you take the water off the stove.

The second thing to do is make sure that you have enough coffee. While the exact amounts are personal, a good place to start is at 1 tablespoon for every 4 ounces of coffee. I would not recommend going too far below this amount, as the coffee you get will be quite weak.

Pour the water into the filter. But don’t let the water slowly seep down to the cup; stir the slurry like crazy. Stir it so that all the coffee is suspended in the water. That way all the coffee is evenly brewed. Keep stirring until almost all the water has seeped through the filter and into your cup.

Your coffee is done. As long as you used the right proportions, good beans, had the right temperature water, and stirred the slurry, your cup of coffee should come out all right. You might be quite surprised at the quality of coffee that a cheap $4.00 piece of equipment can produce.

It will likely blow your automatic drip coffee maker out of the water, because the thermostats usually heat the water to too low of a temperature. Enjoy the coffee, and be glad that some things truly are simple.

Until next time keep your coffee hot!…

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